30/07/2021 Laser Distance Gauge:
measuring device for determining the position of the track to a fix object

The height position of the guiding point of the rail can be marked on a fix object, as well as its distance from the object can be measured by the device.

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17/09/2021 SínekVilága 2021/3:
Railway - related diagnostic developments

The Hungarian magazine presents our latest developments

and results.

Thank you very much to the publisher!

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21/04/2021 We hereby present our new product, the WearCheck measuring device!

It measures the wheel flange’s thickness, height, and qR dimension


21/10/2020 We updated our TriboRoll friction measuring device.

New measuring program provides more accurate measuring results with low dispersion.

The computer’s position and connection meet more precisely with the costumers’ demands

We doubled the number of optional measuring positions.

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DSC_4238 low.jpg

03/08/2020 Newly developed ceramic body of Head Check measuring probes

We provide HeadCheck measuring probes with advanced wear resistant ceramic sliding collar!

We undertake to develop and produce unique ceramic bodies with built in eddy current sensors.

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04/06/2020 New products

We are developing continously!

The descriptions of our new developments are available on our website, click and check the devices!







28/02/2020 "Tram day" conference



TriboRoll presentation by Ottó Egyed in "Tram day" converence

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01/01/2020 Budapest Sightseeing tour  with Pantograph of Measuring Tram

Enjoy the sunshiny video about

Hungarian Parliament,

Mathias Church,

Buda Castle,

Gellért hill and Gellért square,


National Theatre

Palace of Arts

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Képernyőfotó 2020-01-01 - 16.48.39.png

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27/10/2019 Measuring service
during rail grinding   activity in night time


We have started our serial production but we also keep on developing our devices. We are testing our devices via measuring services. We improve our devices and software based on acquired experiences. Therefore, we are able to increase reliability and accuracy continuously. Our engineers have spent more than 40 nights in rail tracks recently measuring Head Check defects, and measuring rail profiles before and after grinding activity.
Devices: HCscan, GF04, GF08, RPCS.

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Képernyőfotó 2019-10-27 - 8.14.19.png

04/10/2019 TriboRoll - The friction meter

We introduce our latest development!

Measurement for managing the friction of the railroad!

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Képernyőfotó 2019-10-03 - 15.18.21.png

29/08/2019 The New WaveScan Dual is Ready!

We introduce our latest development!

Corrugation measurement on both rails according to the EN 13231 Standard!

Please, click on the picture for video about the operation, the assembly and measurement in the night!

DSC_2059 másolat.jpg

05/07/2019 RPCS Wheel for Tram!

We are working on the smalest RPCS for measuring of wheel profile of trams without remove any component of tram!

Please, click on the picture for video about operation of fast prototype!

DSC_1737 (1).jpg

25/06/2019 Validation of HC measurement!

See the validation procedure via destructive way in real conditions based on EN 16729-2 standard!

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Képernyőfotó 2019-06-27 - 10.03.30.png

02/04/2019 RPCS full range!

We are introducing the full range of

the Rail Profile Contact Scanner family with

RPCS Basic, RPCS Wheel and RPCS Frog!

Please, click on the picture for video about operation!

RPCS 2019

24/10/2018 Download

Please, click on the picture for download the A5 brochure with all developments of  Metalelektro Measuring Technique Ltd:


20/09/2018 INNOTRANS Video

Please, click on the picture for our promotion video about measuring systems and devices developed by Metalelektro Measuring Technique Ltd:

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