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V-Tanú 2013
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Safety is Overall
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  • 35 pieces of DIVA 700-B track and turnout measuring equipment have been delivered successfully

  • Special Android solutions applied

  • Special measuring parameters installed

  • Customized solutions to the local demand

DSC_9114 kicsi.jpeg
  • 84 pieces of MetalLube rail lubrication device have been delivered successfully

  • Special online monitoring system has been put into operation

  • Remote control solution

  • Training of the local team has also been done

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17/03/2023 V-Tanú - the video witness of the railway barrier break

V-Tanú records what happened in the vicinity of the railway crossing under the red signal.
In the event of a barrier break, the recording is preserved without overwriting.

Based on the recording, the license plate number of the vehicle can be recognized, so the crime can be proven.

V-Tanú sends an SMS to designated professionals and the police when the barrier is breached.

If the barrier is not broken, the recording is automatically overwritten to the next red signal.

For Youtube video please click on the picture!

V-Tanú törés 3 fázis.jpeg

DIVA 700-B measures the 3 main track parameters via digital technology.

The DIVA 700-B provided with OLED display. At the same time Android based software is also available for controlling the measuring process and for storing the measuring results on Android phone.

DIVA 700-B is also available in dual format. I.e. this version of the device can be used for different track gauges such as 1435/1668mm or 1435/1520 mm!

For Youtube video please click on the picture!

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The WearCheck 45-S is an easy-to-use, hand operated rail height and side-wear (22,5; 45 and 67,5 degree) measuring equipment.

Thanks to its special mechanical preparation it is possible to measure the wear values with WearCheck 45-S in curve at guard rails as well!


15/11/2022  Download the new A5 product brochure!

Please, click on the picture for download the latest A5 product brochure!

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05/11/2022 HeadCheck measuring service was done in Budapest Metro by GFD-08

The 8-channel, HeadCheck measuring device was towed by a diesel power car with 25km/h speed on the line of Budapest Metro during night shift

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21/10/2022  Download the newspaper article of the clearance measurement by our Unilaser-T!

Please, click on the picture for downloading the newspaper article of the clearance measurement on railway, metro and tram lines by our smart Unilaser-T device!

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06/10/2022 Short introduction videos about our devices

The above videos could be seen after click on the titles:

flashes of our devices (1:38)


short films about our measuring equipment (10:34)

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Metalelektro Measuring Technique Ltd. is the legal successor of the Metalelektro Ltd’s measuring technique department which was established in 1991. Our more than twenty high-qualified  colleagues combine several fields of knowledge with many years of experiences, lots of creativity and enthusiasm. As a result, more than 40 different types of special meter devices have been developed and many thousand pieces produced. As a matter of fact, experiences of executing measuring services are continuously being integrated into device development.
No doubt, guidance of our specialists, the well-equipped workshops and perfect supply chain will help your ideas develop from prototype to series production. Please contact us for further assistance even if you have specific ideas, subjects or requests!


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  • SidePull light, with accurate,

    semi-destructive technology

  • RailScan, with effective
    non-destructive technology

  • SidePull, with accurate,
    semi-destructive technology

DSC_9113 kicsi.jpeg

WPCS jó01 kicsi_edited.jpg
  • WPCS, wheel profile measuring device

  • WheelCheck, device for measuring qR characteristic of the wheel profile

  • IWD, rim back distance measuring device 

  • WGD, flangegauge distance measuring device

  • Unilaser - T, clearance measuring unit

  • LDG, device for determining the position of the track compared to a fix object

  • iTest, resistance measuring device for insulated joints

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After Sale Support

On-line support in any technical issues:

  -  software installation

  -  recovery of data and system files

Cooperation in tests for local approval

Improvement of device and software for meeting local requirements


Measurement of the Following Factors

 Track and turnout geometry

Rail straightness

Rail corrugation

Rail and turnout profile

Ground thickness of rail

Stress free temperature

Rolling contact fatigue crack

Rail inclination

Bolt pull-out strength


High Quality Service Technologies


Maintenance and calibration of the measuring devices during and over the warranty period.

Upgrade of the old type devices providing the state of the art conditions for them

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