Stress Free Temperature


Stress free temperature measuring device

  • Non-destructive measurement process for determining neutral temperature of continuous welded rail tracks

  • It measures the magnetic characteristics of the rail under two different temperatures

  • The measurement can be executed without disturbing the train traffic

  • The new RailScan method enables the operator to calibrate the device to the given track

  • Automatic calibration procedure drives the operator through the process step-by-step whose first step is entering real neutral temperature

  • The new RailScan measuring program continuously checks the measuring results and compares them with the ones measured during the calibration and decides whether the given value complies with the calibration


SidePull light

Stress free temperature measuring device

  • This device is the recently developed Light version of our SidePull device. With its low weight is easier and faster to apply

  • It is suitable for determining the real neutral temperature of continuous welded rail tracks, and it operates under mechanical chord stress principle

  • After releaising one section of the rail to be measured and putting it on rollers, the device pulls it to the other rail which remained in fixed position

  • Meanwhile, it measures force, displacement and temperature

  • The real neutral temperature can be calculated from these three features with 0,5°C accuracy

  • Track closure is needed since the measuring procedure requires the release of the track

  • Cutting and welding the rail is not required during the process