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Wheel geometry measurement

WPCS - Wheel Profile Contact Scanner
WPCS jó01 kicsi_edited.jpg

WPCS - Wheel Profile Contact Scanner

  • Checking the manufactured wheel profile at delivery, 

  • Periodic checking of wheel wear for planning maintenance, 

  • Measuring eliminated material and measuring the profile during grinding activity 

  • The double measuring bar provides the possibility of measuring wheels with extreme wear

  • Profile measurement can be performed on every type of wheel

WheelCheck - device for measuring qR characteristic of the wheel profile

It measures

  • the wheel flange’s thickness,

  • the wheel flange’s height,

  • the wheel flange’s qR dimension,

  • on simple and easy way

It is small but smart!


IWD - rim back distance measuring device

  • IWD is a mechanical device, it can measure whether the distance between the rim back of wheels remains in the acceptable range

  • The value can be viewed on micrometre


WGD - flangegauge distance measuring device

  • The value can be viewed on nonius scale

  • WGD is a mechanical device, it can measure whether the flangegauge distance in the acceptable range

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