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Track clearance measurement

Unilaser-T meas display night tunel 2_edited.png

Unilaser - T

Clearance measuring device for all kinds of track type

  •  Easy-to-use, one operator can remove the device from the track

  • More types of clearance can be applied 

  • Detection and follow-up of vegetation overgrowth

  • Automatic curve correction of the clearance

  • More types of alarm and intervention section-technology can be set

  • Location information via GPS data and with rotary encoder

  • Beyond the clearance data the gauge data is also stored

  • Platform measurement

  • Distance measurement in driving direction, e.g. the distance of buildings in the vicinity or the distance of the vegetation

  • The results of the critical cross-sections can be exported


Laser Distance Gauge

Measuring device for determining the position of the track to a fix object

  • The height position of the guiding point of the rail can be marked on a fix object, as well as its distance from the object can be measured by the device.

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