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Catenary Measurement


Catenary height and side position measuring system

  • It is a laser measuring system which can be installed on the cold pantograph of catenary manufacturing, catenary maintaining machines

  • It measures, records and stores the height and side positions of the catenary

  • It records pictures of the pantograph-catenary connection

  • Measuring-evaluating software is available with the possibility of the measuring results comparison

Complex catenary diagnostic

Catenary and pantograph diagnostic system used under normal condition

  • It is a complex system for collecting data and recording pictures in respect of revealing the overloads that cause the break of the pantograph, the warms, the incorrect catenary geometry and in respect of following up the ruin of the condition

  • The measuring program records and displays the following data:

  • position of the catenary 

  • 2D forces having influence on the pantograph

  • 3D acceleration of the pantograph

  • current and voltage measured on the pantograph

  • records of the thermal imager camera about the ambience of the pantograph

  • records of the normal camera about the ambience of the pantograph

  • records of 2 quick cameras about the connection of the pantograph and the catenary 

  • By setting thresholds the measuring program indicates the areas of the defects and the evaluating program collects them