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Rail lubrication


Friction measuring device

  • Easy to use hand operated friction measuring device

  • The position of the measuring wheel can be set in 14 different angles on the running and on the guiding surface of the rail

  • The measuring software calculates friction coefficient from the measured forces and stores it in data-file

  • PDF protocol can be generated from the measuring results

  • The TriboRoll helps to set the optimum lubrication and friction coefficient

DSC_4201 low.JPG
DSC_0117 másolat.jpg

Metal Lube

Rail lubrication device

  • The wear appearing on the surface of the rail-train wheel connection and the emitted noise value can be reduced by applying of this rail lubrication device 

  • The system can be applied on CWR tracks and on traditional tracks as well 

  • Environmentally sound lubricant and solar power supply are available

  • Protection against vandalism is provided

  • The lubricant emission is controllable

Metal Lube

Metal Lube LC

Cartridge lubrication device

  • It is suitable for greasing check rail

  • It reduces wear evolvement

  • It can be installed and changed easily

  • Emission periods can be changed during operation

  • Operation can be stopped and resumed without any limitations

  • Operation is guaranteed between -20°c and +55°C

Metal Lube LC
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